Jim Waller

2604 Foster Ave.
Nashville TN, 37210
Phone: (800) 747-3844

Mr. Waller holds a B.S.M.S. degree from the United States Military Academy, West Point and M.S.C.E. from the University of Miami.

He has written articles in numerous publications and has over 41 years of diversified experience which has prepared him to perform investigations in the following specialized areas:

  • Lightning Strikes
  • Forces Of Nature
  • Roof Inspections
  • Structural Evaluations
  • Building and Electrical Codes
  • Water Intrusion

Mr. Waller is also a member of the following Professional Societies or Organizations:

  • Southern Building Code Congress International (SBCCI): www.sbcci.org
  • State of Tennessee Earthquake Preparedness Program: www.tnema.org
  • American Association for Wind Engineering (AAWE): www.aawe.org

VCE Investigative

2604 Foster Ave.
Nashville, TN 37210

Phone: (800) 747-3844